Device to be installed on airless cabin that through a high-pressure pump and special heads and nozzles guarantees a perfect washing of whatever machine in few time Airless cabin automatic washing system works in synchrony with the digital machine and with the gazing line, it takes advantage of digital head washing and of dryer’s empty space to go into function. In the case of extended non-stop working sections it is the Airless cabin automatic washing system itself that creates the drying hole to wash the cabins. This system is fully automatic, it washes the cabin, the airless pump and the nozzles. The return product from the cabin is automatically sent to the duct when it loses its density and it is sent back to the vibrating sieve when it returns to the correct density. The washing system allows to reset the stop-machine during production, and it reduces of a quarter the washing during a product change, earning 2/3 hours of extra production per day, while also ensuring a high water and water and glaze saving


  • Significant increase in the productivity of glazing line
  • Remarkable water saving.
  • Significant glaze saving
  • Absence of drops and clumps that can result from dirty cabins.
  • Elimination of heavy operations by personnel who will no longer have to wash the cabs with lances and vapor jet.




Glaze automatic preparation system and density control on two tanks

Genius is the new automatic system for glaze preparation for glazing stations.

Its function consists in:

  • Loading the desired quantity following the setting recipe and automatically add all additives, including grit with precision to gram
  • Bringing the glaze at density adding water.
  • Feeding the tanks placed under the application with the finished product, hereby monitoring and keeping always-constant density, adding water or glaze depending on the necessity.

Special instruments used together with electronic research guarantee the continuous working of the machine without any hitch and obstruction and without the need to make any washing. Washing is necessary only before a product change that the machine executes automatically.

From the touch screen it is possible to make and save infinite recipes, connecting the machine on the network, it is possible make all operations from remote and collect data on production and on effective consumption of all glaze and additive with precision to gram

Genius allows preparing the right quantity of product that is used in the long time when additives will make the most performances.

It allows also applying the same identical product guaranteeing constancy on the tonality of the tile impossible upon now

Genius is the only machine in commerce which guarantees the complete automatization of the product preparation process and the reliability in the time, avoiding stop-machine due to obstruct or dirty tools


  • Complete automatization of the glaze preparation process and maintaining the density setting.
  • Strong reduction of product waste
  • Increased productivity of glazing lines, thanks to elimination of delays due to preparation of glaze
  • Absolute and constant precision of the applied products
  • Absolute reliability of the machine in the time