TOP AIRLESS 6 represents the excellence of application machines for big size; it has been specially designed to increase surface finishing and surface quality. This was possible thanks to the new software and the original design that the machine does on large plates.

Top airless 6 is currently the only machine on the market that allows you to use nozzles of different sizes, and it performs more uniform covering with the same cabin giving the operator the opportunity to use nozzles for the cover and nozzles dedicated to the perfect surface finishing.

This new glazing concept has been specially designed by TG MAC to meet the needs of the biggest and the most historic companies producer of big size tile that to expand their market over the years they have had to produce slab to be used as kitchen tops and in all those areas where it is required a superficial quality absolutely excellent and without defect.

The new nozzle conveyor system allows to work at high speeds without vibration, and the use of a single motor for axis moving allows considerable energy savings and machine maintenance costs saving for the machine and guarantees a considerable simplicity of use by the operator. The raised size of the stainless steel cabin guarantees long working times without any need for washing and an effective glaze savings. Shape and size also allows the slow decanting of the product which is completely restrained inside the cabin, avoiding polluting the ceramic environment.